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2021 Mustang Mach-E

If you are looking for electric cars for sale that are no less than extraordinary, you want a great dealership. Spradley Ford stocks the most incredible Ford models in the whole lineup. From sedans and family vehicles to even custom lift vehicles, Spradley Ford has it all as your Ford dealership Pueblo! We stay up to date with the latest models and are excited to introduce you to a new one that will be available soon. The 2021 Mustang Mach-E is going to be available later this year, and we want to help you understand all that it can offer you as a driver and owner!


Of course, the one detail that everyone is the most thrilled about is that this is the start of Ford’s all-electric vehicles. It is the start of a new future, one of exhilaration. The excitement is coming along with the All-Electric Mustang Mach-E for sale. Having an electric car is unique for the Ford brand, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the details with you. It was built from all the passion of its heritage; the Mustang Mach-E is a brand new look at freedom. With zero emissions, you can get full 0-60 thrills from this vehicle. You will even be able to put together the plans for your own Mach-E model if you have a particular vision in mind. We will help you drive away in the car of your dreams once this model is released for customers.


Electric Cars for Sale

Unlike most other electric cars for sale, the Mach-E has the full capability of any other SUV model. One of the ways to prove that it is its ability to have All-Wheel-Drive. This drivetrain delivers exceptional handling for the best driver experience possible. Front and rear motors are able to distribute an even amount of power to all the wheels individually. When you have that kind of distribution, you have more control during terrible road conditions. An added feature that can make driving this vehicle simpler is Driving Ease with Next Generation SYNC. This new system is intelligent and voice-activated, which provides an experience that’s designed around you. When Ford created the Mach-E trim levels, they had every customer in mind, and this is a feature that proves it. It is as intuitive as your smartphone; the user-friendly design of this system makes it easy to personalize. One more detail we want to highlight is cloud-connected navigation. You can use a premium 15.5-inch touchscreen to use the navigation and make calls from your phone. It can even help you locate where your next charge is.


The E-Latch system is another part of the Mustang Mach-E for sale that customers are looking forward to. The streamlined appearance of this latch can be deceiving until you approach it. Once the Mach-E recognizes you, it will present a button that is illuminated. After one simple touch, the door will open for you to climb in. It knows when you leave, too, and will lock itself. You won’t have to fumble through your purse and pockets anymore for a key to unlock your doors. There is an option now to use your phone to remotely start your car, open the liftgate, and find where you parked your car.

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