New Ford Mustang and its Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

There are a number of reasons why the new Ford Mustang is a popular performance car, but the active performance exhaust is one feature really turning heads this year.

It is one thing to see that new Ford Mustang rolling down the highway, it is another thing altogether to hear it screaming down the road. This year's Ford Mustang has an interactive exhaust that allows the driver to control the sound and intensity of the howl.

To change the sound level of the exhaust, the driver simply flips a switch on the console of the all-new Ford Mustang. It doesn't matter you mood, you can switch from a quiet hush to a loud thunder, and everything in between from quiet to aggressive. Now you can sneak out the neighborhood or scream down the highway.

Listen to the exhaust in the Ford Mustang growl when you take one for a test drive at Spradley Ford Lincoln.



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